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Want to Transition into Tech?

Tom used to be a retail manager for the top retail companies in Africa, because of his versatility to take on any role, he has excelled at traditional roles. Tom would love to take a leap into tech but he is fearful and confused about;

  • How to start.
  • What part of tech best suit him.
  • Where to start.
  • Feeling of starting from ground zero.
  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Thinks he might be following the trend & might not be able to keep up.
  • All seems gibberish to him.
  • I need a career growth map to know I’m on track.
  • Worried he needs to learn to code.

This you?

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Get curated learning & growth plan for your tech career.

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Our courses

Product Management

Welcome to Product management.
Learn the foundations of product management as well as the responsibilities, abilities, resources, and tools required in this industry.

Got a flair for:

  • Deep research & finding solutions
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Storytelling

Business Analysis

Welcome to Business Analysis. A business analyst is crucial to the efficient operation of a business due to their extensive knowledge in financial knowledge, forecasting, and budgeting

Got a flair for:

  • Analyzing data
  • Critical thinking
  • Negotiating
  • Building relationships
  • Documentation
  • Real-time decision making

Data Analysis

Welcome to Data Analysis. Here you’ll be getting the necessary resources you need to catch up on data analysis along with some tools.

Got a flair for:

  • Asking questions because they are curious.
  • Deriving insights from raw data.
  • Telling compelling stories i.e data visualization
    Creativity and critical thinking.
  • Collaborating with people to achieve a common goal

Data Science

Welcome to Data Science. A data analyst uses their technical expertise to collect, store and analyze data on sales numbers, market research, logistics, linguistics, or other behaviors.

Got a flair for:

  • Enjoys Working With MS Excel
  • Storytelling
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Good intuition for data and data architecture

Jobs You Can Get After Your Tech Education with Growth Tribe Africa

Product Manager

Product Designer

Fullstack Developer

Customer Success Manager

Product Marketing Manager

Data Analyst

Growth Product Manager

Business Analyst

Digital Marketer

Online Business Manager

UI Designer

Virtual Assistant

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