Growth Tribe Africa is a globally leading organization watershed for the future of work education & recruitment.  With an active learning ecosystem, where we equip job seekers from start to finish from job readiness to employment by teaching adequate digital & tech courses and matching them with companies that align with their skills, personality, vision & values with a mission to build Africa’s end-to-end Talent Engine.

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Our Story

We took our passion for training a few tens of people in the evenings after work and weekends educating & mentoring them to transition into tech and scaled it to 310,000+ learners across Sub Saharan Africa, 78+ expert trainers across Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya & matching technology talents with startups.

We identified a talent gap in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem, took steps to create solutions through education and employment training in product management, growth marketing & data analysis. We have enabled our students with the resources needed to start a tech career, significantly increase their earning power for financial independence, also help them create a fulfilling tech career, and finally, building a talent pool for tech Startups to fill in roles with competent and experienced talents.

Over our learning and growth curve, we realized a sustainability problem still exists; it was imperative to create a growth roadmap for learning & employability. 

We pivoted into a new model profiling algorithm that blends psychology and hobbies to provide actionable insights and recommendations to enable people to make informed tech education and career decisions, have a growth roadmap to attain the next level of career growth, and also ensure minimization of job-talent mismatch for professionals and organizations.

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Who are we partnering & collaborating with?

Global Organisations

With a common purpose and shared values to prepare young people for the future of work, supporting the ecosystem and enable labor mobility.

Government of African Nations

With a solid mandate for workforce development via quality education on the future of work skills to foster economic growth

Companies & Corporations

We help companies develop & upskill their teams into the areas of code & no-code tech in order to improve, be more efficient for company growth & positive bottom line.

Startups & Growing Businesses

We help startups of all sizes quickly recruit skilled, top-quality personnel through our Pool of Equipped Talent (P.E.T) Career coaching program that ensures intimate acquaintance with each candidate.

Our Partners

Growth Tribe Africa is a training partner with Google on Digital Skills for Africa tech training partner.